Benefits And Faults Of Snoring Mouthpieces

When a patient begins to seek treatment for snoring, lifestyle changes may be suggested by more conservative medical professionals. They do require effort on the patient’s part and that can be a stumbling point.

However, the rewards can be immense, even greater than the positive benefits that one may experience from another kind of snoring solution.

Mouthpiece Overview

Oral anti-snoring solutions are a popular option for several reasons and those will be covered soon. This kind of solution can be and often is very effective. There are two kinds of oral devices available, tongue retaining and jaw retaining. The tongue advancing variety is gaining popularity quickly because of superior comfort and results.

Benefits And Faults Of Snoring Mouthpieces

mouthguardPerhaps the main reason for the popularity of anti-snoring mouthpieces is that they provide very fast if not instant results. A top quality oral device can prevent or significantly reduce snoring the very first night it is used. Also, this kind of solution requires very little effort from the user.

These solutions are very convenient for most users, especially when compared to other options. In addition to that, they are easy to acquire and replace. There is a lot of competition between manufacturers of these devices and that has led to constant improvements and an ever growing number of choices.

There are only a few downfalls that can come with this kind of solution. For some the cost is an issue. However, it is important to note that these devices are relatively cheap when compared to other options. Other than that the only fault lies with jaw retaining mouthpieces. They have been known to carry certain risks although these have become less common as designs have improved.

Lifestyle Change Overview

Many things that are a part of the patient’s daily life can affect snoring. Weight, smoking, alcohol, and prescribed medications are just a few things that can cause snoring. In general, lifestyle changes tend to focus on removing something from the daily routine.


The term lifestyle change can mean any number of different things. For that reason some of the more common options will be covered here.

Weight loss is certainly one of the most frequently suggested options. It comes with a number of other benefits aside from alleviating snoring. Once a patient who is overweight reaches a normal body weight they can expect more energy, relief from snoring, improved cardiovascular health, and often improved self-esteem as well. There are no other snoring solutions that have such a wide range of positive benefits that affect so many aspects of the patient’s life.

Smoking is another common cause of snoring. The obvious answer is to stop smoking but that is almost always easier said than done. Using this particular lifestyle change as a snoring solution comes with a number of positive side benefits, but it also comes with its own complications.

One cause of snoring that many patients are not aware of is alcohol consumption. Due to its relaxing effects, the muscles that normally keep the airway open wide can relax too much and cause constriction. Even moderate consumption of alcohol at night can have this effect. Light alcohol consumption is not likely to cause snoring unless there are other factors involved.

Another cause that may be a part of daily life is medication. There are not just a few prescriptions that can cause snoring, but several whole classes. These classes include anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, and allergy medications. This is because of the calming and relaxing effects that these medicines have on the body. It is almost the same state that can be caused by alcohol.

Faults And Benefits Of Lifestyle Changes

Although there are a number of options within this category, the pros and cons can be explained quite simply. The main benefit that comes with any of these solutions is the amount of side benefits. Any of the options outlined above come with additional health benefits as well as going a long way towards reducing snoring.

There are two main faults that always go along with lifestyle changes. One of those is that all of them require significant effort. For most individuals this is a problem, which could easily be attributed to the effects of chronic snoring. Someone who is always tired and craving sleep will usually not look forward to trying to lose weight or cutting out smoking.

The second fault that lies in lifestyle changes is in the timeframe. Results are not instant, nor are they quick. This can be discouraging for some. To use smoking as an example, even after quitting and being smoke-free for several years, ex-smokers still have an abnormally high risk of snoring.


Both oral devices and lifestyle changes are quality snoring solutions. However, lifestyle changes are less appealing to some because of the time and effort involved.

On a positive note, lifestyle changes often come with many additional health benefits. Any individuals seeking immediate relief would be better off with something like a tongue retaining mouthpiece.

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