Widening Your Field of Health Expertise

Career options for registered nurses don’t have to be in a hospital setting, there are many to choose from including legal nurse consultant jobs. Legal nurse consultants are registered nurses that use their expertise as a healthcare professional in medical-related cases.

Legal nurse consultants generally consult with defense attorneys and people who are involve in medical issues to help analyze medical records and terminology in difficult criminal or civil case. They also assist attorneys in medical malpractice, nursing liability, products liability, workers compensation, personal injury, wrongful death and other health-related cases.

A legal nurse consultant is a valuable asset for any legal team; while the attorney is the expert on legal issues, the nurse consultant uses its knowledge on nursing, the healthcare system and its inner workings to help achieve the best outcome.

Prospective consultant nurses must have an active registered nurse license and most possess a bachelor’s degree in nursing and some have advanced degrees. Applicants must gain extensive experience in any nursing special area and should pass the certification exam for legal nurse consultant before working in this field. Nurse consultants don’t need to have a legal background or education. They gain knowledge over time, by meeting with attorneys and attending seminars. Though they can take legal education courses to broaden their knowledge and help establish credibility in the courtroom.

Widening Your Field of Health Expertise

Many consultant nurses are employed in law firms, insurance companies, government agencies and private institutions. Legal nurse consultants may work from home and have both part-time and full-time careers. Some choose to work on a freelance basis and are able to choose the case they want to work on with needs that fit the hours they want to work.

Once you start your job as a legal nurse consultant, this effort will be more than rewarding though, as this profession gives an opportunity to embark in this one of a kind experience in a dynamic legal environment and this is a lucrative career that is in demand.